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Custom Bronze Letters Is Our Standard.
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Made in the USA Since 1976.

Precise Water Jet Cut Bronze Letters, Numbers & Logos Cut
& Fabricated 3D Bronze Interior & Exterior Signage.
Bronze Letters & Logos Installed / Shipped Nationwide.

Custom Made In All Sizes, Fonts, Shapes & Finishes.
ALL Script, Serif, Sans Serif & Block Letter Styles.
All Bronze Metal Finishes & We Can Mirror Polish Edges.

All Kinds Of Bronze Letters & Logos - Our Specialty.

We water jet cut out, fabricate and polish finish bronze metal into the form of letters and logos. We water jet cut solid bronze metal in any shape to perfection. Our shops also custom fabricate bronze metal letters, numbers, logos & graphics. We create the absolute best bronze metal letters, logos, numbers and graphics in the industry.

Equally as important to perfect cutting and quality fabrication is the finish. We are experts in all types of bronze metal finishing. Mirror polish, satin brush, hand rubbed, swirl, non directional grain, antiqued, oxidize, patinas, chrome and nickel plated, sand blast, baked clear enamel, polyurethane, & Nicolas clear silver lacquer.

We have Fabricated & installed High Quality Solid Bronze Letters & Logos for corporate identity signs for Architects, Designers, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Contractors, Stores, Schools, Campuses, Theaters, Churches, Synagogues,  Offices, Office Buildings, Industrial Parks, Medical Offices, Trade Shows & Corporate Facilities For Over 35 Years.

When your bronze lettering project requires good old fashion high quality, we're your best choice. We welcome the opportunity to provide you the quality you expect and beyond same as we have done for laterally thousands of fussy and very satisfied and very happy clients since 1976.

The experts for cut out bronze letters ,cast bronze letters and fabricated bronze letters & logos. Bronze letters are also available in LED Back / Lighted / illuminated and non illuminated, in all metal finishes and installation methods for all kinds of bronze metal lettering signage applications.

Based in New York City and Long Island, NY. We travel, install and ship nationwide. You will find our superb quality bronze letters, logos, graphics and signs identifying corporations and communicating messages all over the entire USA. We have expertly installed bronze letters, logos, graphics, numbers & signage in just about every state / major city in the US. We have also shipped solid bronze letters all across the United States and World Wide as well.

Your design ideas or ours, We can create anything.

Call us today for the quality bronze letters you want.
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Quality Bronze Letters / Logos / Reasonable Prices.

 Mirror Polishing | Satin Brushed | Swirl | Non Directional  Patina | Chrome Plate | Nickel Plated | Sand Blasted Oxidize | Baked Enamel | Clear Polyurethane & Lacquer.

About Bronze Metal Alloys & Finishes For Letters:

Solid Bronze Letters are made from non lead C22000 90% copper, 10% zinc, 0% lead. A quality bronze metal alloy that mirror polishes up beautifully & natural satin finishes well. Bronze metal is ideal for antique, green patina / turquoise verde patina / turquoise patina, nouveau patina, oil & hand rubbed & both light & dark oxidized finishing. Bronze is also used for quality nickel plating and chrome plate for letters and logos.

Bronze Metal Finishes
: Mirror polishing, satin brushed, Mirror polished face & edges, hand rubbed, oil rubbed, antique, green patina / turquoise verde patina, turquoise patina, nouveau patina, light oxidize, medium oxidize  & dark oxidized, swirl, non directional grained, mirror polish & satin chrome plated, nickel plating, 14 / 22 carat gold plated, etched, sand blast, clear baked enamel, clear powder coat, clear polyurethane and Nickolas silver clear lacquer.

Other Metal Finishing We Do: Duranodic, color anodize, turquoise verde patina, turquoise patina, nouveau patina, titanium gold, glass bead, etched, color powder coat, color baked enamels, pantone PMS color match painting, metal flake, metallic spray paint, air brush & custom texture finishing.

If your project requires another metal or finish not listed we can do it!

You want the best, call us to get the best bronze lettering you can get!

We Install & Ship Bronze Letters Nationwide.

Installed in the USA Since 1976.

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